The Invisible Man Trailer and Poster!

Watch the Trailer and see the Poster for Universal Pictures The Invisible Man! First up, the thrilling trailer:

The Invisible Man!

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures The Invisible Man comes to theaters February 28, 2020!

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Bourne Spectacular Stunt Show Coming to Universal Studios Orlando!

A new addition to Universal Studios Orlando has officially been announced: The Bourne Spectacular Stunt Show!

Bourne Spectacular Stunt Show Coming to Universal Studios Orlando!

This new attraction is based on the Universal Pictures Bourne film franchise and promises to be an action packed, cutting-edge live show. The Bourne Spectacular Stunt Show is set to open at  Universal Studios Orlando in 2020!

Source: Universal

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Halloween Sequels: Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends!

Two Halloween Sequels have been announced: Halloween Kills & Halloween Ends! The follow up to the 2018 Halloween movie will be “Halloween Kills” and then after that, the final movie in this series will be “Halloween Ends”.

“The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode isn’t over.”

Universal Pictures Halloween Kills comes to theaters October 16, 2020 and Universal Pictures Halloween Ends comes to theaters the following year, October 15, 2021.