The Invisible Man Trailer and Poster!

Watch the Trailer and see the Poster for Universal Pictures The Invisible Man! First up, the thrilling trailer:

The Invisible Man!

Blumhouse and Universal Pictures The Invisible Man comes to theaters February 28, 2020!

*Go to Page 2 or Click  “Entire Post” to see the Poster:

Funko Universal Monsters Mystery Minis!

Coming Soon: Funko Universal Monsters Mystery Minis!

These Funko Mystery Minis Blind Boxes will include:

Frankenstein’s Monster + Frankenstein’s Monster (holding a flower) + The Mummy + The Invisible Man (wrapped up) + Wolfman + Bride of Frankenstein + Dracula (holding a candle) + The Creature From The Black Lagoon (Gill-Man) + The Mole People + The Phantom of the Opera + Dracula and The Invisible Man (Variant)!