The Addams Family Menu at IHOP!

IHOP is now serving The Addams Family themed Menu items!

The Addams Family Menu at IHOP!

For a Limited Time, try The Addams Family themed Menu at IHOP: Wednesday’s Web-Cakes, Wednesday’s Web-Cakes Combo, Morticia’s Haunted Hot Chocolate, Gomez’s Green Chile Omelette, Uncle Fester’s Chocolate Ice Cream Shake and The Kooky Kids Kombo.

“It’s dreadfully delicious.”

Cheetos Halloween Promo!

Here’s a look at the Cheetos Halloween promo for 2019: Cheetos has a promo for the 2019 Halloween season where you could win merch from the Cheetos Halloween store by entering bag codes at their website: “Cheetos Get Spotted Boo-tique”

“Cheetos Get Spotted Boo-tique”

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Avengers Campus Pym Test Kitchen!

Revealed at D23 Expo: More details about another new Marvel attraction coming to Avengers Campus: Pym Test Kitchen!

Avengers Campus Pym Test Kitchen

Avengers Campus will also feature an eatery based on Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp, with an innovative twist: The Pym Test Kitchen, where Pym Technologies Pym Particles are used to grow and shrink food!

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