RYSE Noel Deyzel x Godzilla Pre-Workout Review!

Godzilla Monsterberry Lime, the new Pre-Workout from Bodybuilder Noel Deyzel and RYSE supplements, released on Black Friday and I was able to secure a tub.

Here are my thoughts on this monstrous Pre-Workout formula:

I took two scoops about twenty minutes before an afternoon upper body workout and I must say it had me feeling energized and pumped. I normally drink my Pre-Workout a lot closer to my workout, because I feel like the effects kick in for me rather quickly. Within five minutes of drinking my shaker of Godzilla Monsterberry Lime, I began to feel the effects and by the way, I really enjoyed the unique taste.

Due to the high dosage of Beta Alanine, I expected to get the “tingles”, but surprisingly I did not. I do have a high tolerance for caffeine, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. The amount of caffeine felt just right.

I felt very motivated, focused and really warm. That was the major takeaway from that first workout using Godzilla Pre-Workout, that I felt warmer than usual while working out, even compared to using a supplement like Burn or any other thermogenic.


I had a really good workout and I plan to continue to use the formula, especially on some of my heavier days, so I totally recommend getting your hands of this if you can. As of the time of this Post, this item is Temporarily Sold Out, but I expect it will restock soon.

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Author: Rene Nestor

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