Spider-Man No Way Home GFuel

The popular Gaming Supplement brand GFuel has done it again wi the an exciting new collab: Spider-Man No Way Home GFuel!

Hyping up the third Spider-Man film in the Sony/MCU Spider-Man franchise, GFuel is releasing a new flavor “Radioactive Lemonade” in three different collectible sets:

Hybrid Suit

Black and Gold Suit

Upgraded Suit

Each set has the same flavor, but different boxes and shakers featuring each of Spidey’s suits from the upcoming movie. Here’s a look at the nutrition facts:

There will also be Spider-Man No Way Home GFuel Hydration:

Here’s a look at the nutrition facts:

And Spider-Man No Way Home Canned Energy Drinks:


Here’s a look at the nutrition facts for the cans:

As of now, the collective sets are on an exclusive Pre-Order and are set to release on December 8, 2021, but you can join the Waitlist at the GFuel website now!

I was fortunate to get an invite to order a set, so I picked the Upgraded suit collector box. Expect a review post from me when it arrives and see Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Spider-Man No Way Home in Theaters this December!

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Author: Rene Nestor

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