Work It Out!

One of the major breakthroughs I made on my Weight Loss journey was getting into the habit of working out consistently. I say consistently because I previously assumed that I was pretty active, but in actuality, I really wasn’t. I was guilty of ‘hoarding my energy”: Since I worked nights, I would take it easy during the day on the couch, so that I wouldn’t tire out when I had to go to work in the evening. My sleep was awful and I didn’t get much of it. I was always tired and would occasionally pass out out of boredom. I was so overweight that I would get winded going up stairs and had trouble bending over to tie my shoe laces. I eventually got tired of feeling and looking that way. Something had to change. Around the time I started to take my weight loss a little more seriously, Thor came to my rescue.

Marvel Gallery Avengers: Infinity War Thor Statue

Well not actually Thor, but the Actor who plays him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I had discovered that Chris Hemsworth had released a Fitness App called Centr and it piqued my curiosity. Long story short, I got the App and began the program. The program included Workouts, a Diet Plan and even introduced me to Meditation.

Thus began a shift in my lifestyle. It took a while to get used to, but after a while I actually began to enjoy the Workouts. The trainers were fun and charismatic, and even Chris himself would show up in some of them. I was very inspired, so I really stuck to it and of course, began to see real results! I feel like it is important to add that as of the time of this Post, I am in no way affiliated with the Centr app. I’m just a fan and I enjoyed using the App. Using the app helped launch me further on my fitness journey. I’m not saying that you need that specific fitness app, but I am saying that having a Plan, Support and Motivation are key to really setting your fitness goals in motion to finally get the Superhero Physique that you want!

Author: Rene Nestor

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