“What’s Supp?”

Supplements? Do you need them? There is a huge variety of fitness supplements out there that can be beneficial to your weight loss journey. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the more commonly used supplements:

Pre-Workouts: A good pre-workout formula can help give you a boost of energy and also help with focus during your workout.

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GHOST Legend Pre-Workout – Swedish Fish (14.1 Oz. / 25 Servings)

Nitrous Oxide: Some Pump supplements can include stimulants like caffeine and others go the non stim route and mainly include ingredients that will help with vascularity such as the Amino acid L-Arginine, which is helpful for blood flow and circulation.

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GHOST Pump Nitric Oxide – Natty (9.5 Oz. / 40 Servings)

Branch Chain Amino Acids aka BCAA or Aminos, are mostly used for muscle recovery, but can be helpful with hydration, especially if you don’t enjoy water by itself. A scoop of flavored BCAA can really make your water taste great!

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GHOST BCAA – Swedish Fish (12.2 Oz. / 30 Servings)

Thermogenic: Fat Burners are supplements that can help reduce hunger and curb cravings.

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Whey Protein mostly considered a post workout supplement which helps with Muscle Protein Synthesis.

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GHOST Whey Protein – CHIPS AHOY (5 Lbs. / 58 Servings)

Creatine is a supplement that can also help with muscle building by giving muscle cells more energy!

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GHOST Size Muscle Builder – Natty (13.2 Oz. / 30 Servings)

One of the great things about workout supplements is that you can always find really great tasting and unique flavors! Try some of these out and see if they help you on your fitness journey!

Author: Rene Nestor

Welcome to Planet Nestor Fitness and Lifestyle! Join me on my fitness journey where I have lost over 90 pounds! I can inspire you to achieve your fitness goals!