Black Magic Supply Ectoplasm Purple Rain Review!

Here’s my Review of Black Magic Supply’s Ectoplasm Purple Rain Nitric Oxide supplement!

This new Non-Stim Pump supplement comes in two flavors, Fruit Punch and Purple Rain, but I’ve only tried Purple Rain so far. There’s no Caffeine, so it is perfect to stack with your favorite Pre-Workout formula.

Here’s a look at the Formula:

8 Grams Of Citrulline

2 Grams Of GlycerPump

100mg Of S7

Pink Himalayan Salt



As for the taste, I think the formula tastes like a slightly sour Grape flavor, which I really enjoy. I’ve been mixing one 20 gram Scoop into 16 ounces of ice water in a shaker after I take my Pre-Workout and just before I go to the Gym. If you’re looking to try out a new Non-Stim Pump formula, then definitely give Ectoplasm from Black Magic Supplements a try!

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Author: Rene Nestor

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