Bhunny Vinyl Figures From Kidrobot!

Check out these new Vinyl Figures From Kidrobot: Bhunny!

Official Info: “Bhunny is a new collectible series and form factor designed by famed artist Frank Kozik. The first lineup includes six licensed pop culture characters, including Godzilla (from the Classic Toho kaiju monsters), Bob Ross (from our peaceful daydreams), Hello Kitty®, SpongeBob SquarePants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ resident machine maker Donatello, and Beetlejuice. Each Bhunny is a numbered figure in a small limited run, which means once it sells out, it’s gone forever!”

The Godzilla Bhunny is Exclusive to LootCrate!

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Bhunny Vinyl Figures From KidRobot!

Look for Bhunny Vinyl Figures at, Target and Walmart in the near future!

PHUNNY x Kidrobot

“Incredible, unstoppable titan of terror!“

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