Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Lynda Carter!

Welcome to the latest installment of our Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight Series! Today we’re focusing on Lynda Carter!


Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Lynda Carter

  • Lynda Jean Córdova Carter was born in Phoenix, Arizona and is of Mexican ancestry on her Mother’s side.

  • Superhero Icon: Starred as the DC Comics character Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in the 70’s TV series Wonder Woman (1975–1979).

  • Worked with Muppets: Made a memorable guest appearance as herself on the The Muppet Show (1980).

  • Horror/Comedy: The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park (2004).

  • Superhero Show: Played Moira Sullivan in the TV series Smallville (2007).

  • Superhero Show: Portrays U.S. President Olivia Marsdin in the TV series Supergirl (2016-Present).

We’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Planet Nestor by highlighting some of the Latino/Latina/LatinX trailblazers in Pop Culture entertainment who have inspired or influenced us!

Hispanic Heritage Month 2019: We hope to inspire and uplift with this content, so stay tuned for more Posts at Planet Nestor throughout Hispanic Heritage Month!

National Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the remarkable contributions that Hispanic (Latino/Latina/LatinX) Americans have made to the history United States and runs from September 15 through October 15!

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