Spirit Halloween Store Review!

Take a look inside the Spirit Halloween Store located near the Florida Mall in Orlando! Here are a few pics of my favorite sights to be seen at this Spirit Halloween Store location!

Spirit Halloween

“So Much Fun It’s Scary!”

This Spirit Halloween has sort of a Fishing-Horror theme going on!

Swim with the fishes in the Spirit Aquarium:

Deadly catch:


Be on the lookout for animatronics like this friendly Clown:


The Nightmare Before Christmas decorations!

A Nightmare On Elm Street “Welcome To Elm Street” Sign:

Friday The 13th “Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake” Sign:


Halloween Make-Up Kits!


Ash vs Evil Dead masks!

Prop Weapons:

Popular Costumes:

Horror Costumes!

Superhero Costumes!

Shop Avengers Costumes!

Fortnite Costumes!

More Costumes Here!


Spirit Halloween Exclusive Funko Pop! Disney’s Hocus Pocus figures and Pens!

Spirit Halloween Exclusive Disney’s Hocus Pocus Funko Pop! Pens!

Click to Order The Spirit Halloween Exclusive Hocus Pocus Pops & Pens!


There are Ghostbusters Costumes & Accessories for Kids and Adults!

Ghostbusters Kids Custumes!

Funko Ghostbusters Pop! Pens!

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

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Spirit Halloween store locations are now opening nationwide. Make sure to stop by a Spirit Halloween store near you!

Click to Find a Location Near You!

Author: Nestor Rene

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