Follow Eggo Back To 1985!

Stranger Things returns to Netflix for their third season this week, so why not flashback to the 80’s with Eggo for a Homestyle Waffle breakfast?

“Follow Eggo Back To 1985”

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Papa John’s Pizza Review!

Here’s a look at Papa John’s Spider-Man: Far From Home offering! We’re not necessarily going to review the Pizza itself, that’s up to your taste in Pizza, but we are going to break down what comes with their Superhero XL Special: A Two Topping Pizza for $12 with the Promo Code: SUPERHERO.

Pizza Time

The Superhero XL Pizza comes in a special Spider-Man: Far From Home box!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Papa John’s Pizza!

Papa John’s Pizza is getting in on the Spider-Man: Far From Home hype with their “Spider-Man: Feed Your Hunger” Promo:

“Pizza Time.”

Hungry Spider-Man fans can order the Superhero XL 2 Topping Pizza for $12 with Promo Code: SUPERHERO